Thursday, February 22, 2007

Get To Know: The Lovekevins

It’s been a year and-a-half since anyone heard from The Lovekevins. Actually, most have never heard from, or, of them. They released two E.P.’s in 2005, but attracted very little attention. It’s sort of baffling, since the music is so easy to love. It makes you wonder how much good music out there we may be missing out on. The first E.P., Blame the English was a beautifully irresistible mini-pop masterpiece full of Beach Boy harmonies and witty lyrics. Later that year, they followed up with Max Leon EP filled with more the same great happy-pop and witty lyrics. Don’t confuse them with twee, they’re no more twee than any of the bands from the “Sunshine 60’s.” Every song on these E.P.’s are immediately likeable and endlessly listenable. Then, they disappeared.

When I got word that The Lovekevins had finally return with a new single, "Private Life Of Cat," and new album on it’s way, it felt like the world would finally share what was once my holy grail-like discovery. But then I listened to the new song. I must admit I was a little disappointed. It’s seem like the song didn’t have the immediately accessible sound I had remembered when I first heard them. Nonetheless, it still showcases their great pop sensibilities. It seems like they’ve discovered a new fondness for 80’s style dance-pop as well. This is what happens when bands take this much time off; things change.

It’s still possible for The Lovekevins to deliver the full album I’d been hoping for. Apparently, they’ve forsaken their old material. This adds a little nervousness to the anticipation, but hopefully their own personal renaissance will pay off for the rest of us as well.
Oh yeah, did I mention that they're Swedish?

"Blame The English" [Download]     "" [Download]

"The Big Nono" [Download]     "Private Life Of Cat" [Download]

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