Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Music Miz-Top 20 Albums 2006

What better way can you think of to start your new blog? An album list of course.

It was hard as hell to make this list. Mostly because there were only a couple of truly outstanding albums. None the less, here it is. For any of you that know me, this list probably isn't too surprising. But when writing it, I honestly surprised myself.

I basically tried to think about how much I listened to a given album, along with how fresh it sounded now. I realized that I appreciated some albums more now than when I first heard them. It wasn't until I started compiling this list that I realized how important my #1 album was. It's something I listened to a lot, but I guess I never noticed how much it affected me.

Anyways, hopefully you'll find this list useful. I know how hard it is to judge a record just by the review (and I am not too good at describing them either), so I included a stream for each album as well as a playlist. You will almost definitely read about something that may not seem like your cup of tea. I encourage you to give every album a chance. You may be surprised at what you find.

Last of all, there was one album that I regret not being able to put on here. Le Fil by Camille came out in France in 2005 and was one of my favorites of that year. The album was finally released in the U.S. in 2006. Just know that it would have been #2 on the list. Check it out on the playlist.

Here's The Top 20 Albums of 2006. Remember, this is only one man's opinion.
I'll try to post Album/Song reviews and columns weekly.

Thanks for reading

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