Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rosie Thomas

"Much Farther To Go" (feat. Sufjan Stevens)

Man. My mom would love this song. Until I told her Sufjan Stevens is featured on it rather than Baby Face. She LOVES Baby Face.

But seriously, if it wasn't for independent music's favorite God fearing man Sufjan Stevens, this song would be filed under "Adult Alternative". It is a nice song, one you might hear as the credits begin to roll after the tear jerking, but thought provoking, ending of some Sandra Bullock movie. It's filled with heart warming, sometimes cheesy anecdotes, and images ("Sometimes I cry when it's late at night"). Sufjan adds his intimately high, though somehow manly voice by the second verse. There's something amazing about the way he performs with his voice, which is what ultimately saves this song for me. When he sings, it's as if he's singing right in your ear or right there in your living room. His banjo adds rhythm to the sleepy melody, lazy guitar picking, and keyboard strings that would otherwise be fairly boring. If I were Sufjan, I'd stop jamming with my friends from church and get to work on California.

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