Monday, February 19, 2007

New Young Pony Club

"Ice Cream"/"The Bomb"

Yeah, you’ve heard it before. Intel commercials, TV shows, you name it. “Ice Cream” has been the go-to track whenever dancing is involved. But NYPC aren’t the first to capitalize on television as a marketing tool. It’s not like the old days when indie bands would lose credibility for licensing their material to “the man.” Everyone wants exposure now. And since the O.C. began featuring a new band every week, sound-tracking became the primary form of publicity for undiscovered groups. Regardless of whatever marketing schemes brought us “Ice Cream,” it won’t keep anyone from dancing to it. And that is pretty much the primary function of all of NYPC’s music. When taken out of that context, the tracks don’t really add up to much. But I must admit; I’m a sucker for dance-rock. The track is pretty much a watered down interpretation of what dance-punk used to be, albeit more on the airy electro-house side of the spectrum. But guess what? Despite what the critics say, it hasn’t gotten old yet. So the new single from the group, “The Bomb,” pretty much goes full out dance-rock, disco hi-hats and all. As long as people want to dance, there will always be bands like NYPC to give them something to dance to.

Download >>Ice Cream

Download >>The Bomb

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