Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Andrew Bird

"Dark Matter"

Be careful of the fake out, while Andrew Bird could whistle you into a trance, he doesn't always. Instead he builds a crescendo like something real big is going to happen, and just when you're expecting him to tell us about some guy that saved the world, or some kid overcoming some terrible disease, the subject turns out to be a mere childhood obsession. And what better obsession than Operation? Yes, Operation. The game where you do your best to pull a funny bone from that fat naked dude without getting buzzed. If it seems odd to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Bird arrives to confirm that in fact it is indeed a morbid fascination, and how we had missed it before is a mystery (gives us a break, we were only kids for God's sake.) In reality, Bird’s ability to create a setting which balances silliness with clever songcraft is a testament to the man's songwriting skills. He manages to stay committed to the material with a wink and a smile, all the while cracking us up. Above all, it’s an extremely charming form of nostalgia.

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