Monday, February 26, 2007

Los Campesinos!

"You! Me! Dancing!"

Ok, we're going to have to swallow our pride on this one. Los Campesinos! are indeed twee. But if twee channels our child-like sensibilities via music, then Los Campesinos! are the kids that introduced curse words into their fellow kindergartners vocabulary. “You! Me! Dancing!” sounds cute at first, but lines like “If only there were clothes on the floor I would really feel like I was bedroom dancing” make me slightly suspicious of their supposed innocence. The intro attempts to lure us into that trap with a harmless sounding guitar, eventually erupting into a frenzied crescendo before kicking into dance mode. The track is decorated with xylophones, handclaps, a various noise-toys. Basically, it sounds like Architecture In Helsinki with the guitars turned up. “If there’s one thing that I could never confess/Is that I can’t dance a single step” they sing on the bridge, but somehow manage to dance through the entire chorus despite themselves. The spoken-word breakdown towards the end is a little awkward, but endearing at the same time. Still, don’t be surprised if this song has you doing that silly dance you used to do when you were ten before self-consciousness kicked in. Even worse, you may be reminded how much fun being a kid used to be.

Download >>You! Me! Dancing!

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