Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top Albums 2006- #10

Hell Hath No Fury

What the hell happened here? I don’t remember any indie heads bumping the virginia duo's Lord Willin’ back in ’02. All of the sudden, every indiezine from A-Z is championing the great white hope called cocaine. But that’s beside the point. Pusha T and Malice created an understated masterpiece with Hell Hath No Fury. Without sacrificing any of their grittiness or street cred, Clipse make their triumphant return to the game with critics and fans bowing at their feet. The Neptunes even ditch their sci-fi, radio-ready tracks (save for “Mr. Me too”, and “Wamp Wamp” of course) for beats straight from the gutter. Clipse even work the positive angle on “Hello New World”, telling fellow drug dealers to rise above adversity. Clearly they know the life they led was not the most enlightened path. But it’s like they’re forced to paint that all too real picture of what it was like, no matter how ugly. It almost makes it hard to believe any other rappers.


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