Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top Albums 2006- #9

The World Is Gone

When you start and album with a track like “Thunnk”, your making a very clear statement to listener: Enter at your own risk. Dark and sinister, The World Is Gone is best likened to a dubstep version of Mezzanine. Somehow, the duo managed to blend folk, dub, and other genres into a standout album full of fear and sometimes even beauty. Upon first listen, it may not seem like it. But behind the murky backdrop, songs like “Circle of Sorrow” can be seen as dark and beautiful. The first single “Hater” with its industrial drum beat could be the dub contender for “crunk.” Or maybe dub-crunk? Ok never mind. Just know that this album is the sort of scary black hole you’d want to get sucked into.


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