Thursday, March 15, 2007

Album Review- Person Pitch

Panda Bear
Person Pitch

In my mind, trance music was always a combination of breezy, acid fueled synth lines, female vocals going on about new found love, and basically all other synthetic dance music. Panda Bear bursts through those barriers to create a gorgeous album filled with positive energy sure to appeal to EDM and traditionalist fans alike; while warming the coldest of hearts and filling up the empty of loneliness. The follow up to his last album, Young Prayer, a homage to Panda's (Noah Lennox) father who had passed away, is much more upbeat ("Try to remember always just to have a good time") and quite frankly much more listenable. Five of the Seven tracks have already been released on singles or compilations: “Bros”, “I'm not”/”Comfy in Nautica”, “Carrots”, and “Search for Delicious”; however with great credit to Mr. Bear, you would never think this due to the comforting flow of the album as a whole.

“Comfy In Nautica” immediately evokes thoughts of Brian Wilson harmonies. Complete with hand claps(!), a chanting choir backing…a train(?), a nice wooshing sound and the words "Goodness is having courage/The courage to do what's right". Something more artists should remember when making music, but I suppose if they did, guys like Panda Bear and Animal Collective wouldn't be so special. “Comfy…” ends with a great doom note making you wake up a little from your relaxed slumber. Worry not though little one, the goodness comes right back with “Take Pills”, an excellent mood altering creation, both lyrically and through the song’s progression. It starts with (only guessing here) a wooden photocopy machine underwater and completes with Panda surfacing above the waves gently explaining why drugs may not be needed here, or offering himself up as a cure.

The train departs the station and drops you off at an owl hoot and Panda's voice melted in with some Lo-Fi atmosphere. Part of the genius and humility throughout this album is the vocals are constantly at the same volume in the rear with the music in the front. It is all of the same importance and part of a greater good. The words aren't always intelligible, but that is part of the fun. In listening again, you can pick up new sounds and structure you missed before.

“Bros” kicks in next, the last half of songs with roots of Animal Collective. Echoing chanting, random & off the wall noises, and rhythmic acoustic guitar flutter about. Somehow this concoction miraculously makes you want to dance along with them amongst the campfire. “Good Girl/Carrots” starts off hectic and ends up being an ode to a self realization that we are just fine. In spite of the fucked up world around us and the people who want to knock us down, everything is ok in our head. In between you get the gift of explosions off in the distance, jack-in-the-box clangs, misty showers, and birds chirping. I cannot make this stuff up. “Search for Delicious” fades in to keep making us believe that we are truly in a deep state of hypnosis. Wobbly vocals, tasers, and friendly haunting spirits float around the ears. “Ponytail” ends up with soft piano and a heartbeat enveloped with "When my soul starts knowing, I am as I want to be and I never will (repeat, repeat) stop caring". It's a gentle lesson that reaches beyond age and status.

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