Monday, March 5, 2007

Patrick Wolf


I had planned on posting another song from this album. When I listened again, I realized that “Bluebells” perfectly incorporated everything Patrick Wolf has been trying to do over his past two albums. He has always managed to mix folk instrumentation with abrasive electronic beats, but usually one of them hogged the spotlight more than the other. Although “Bluebells” sounds more electronic than anything, it’s actually ripe with acoustic instrumentation. The electronics are decorations, but piano, harp, and various types of guitars are the foundation of the song. “Bluebells” is still shrouded in the dark, theatrical atmosphere that haunts most of Mr. Wolf’s work, but this time it feels easier to peel back the layers and expose the more accessible qualities of the music. The best part about the Wolf’s third album, The Magic Position; there are a dozen more tracks that are just as good as this one.

Download >>Bluebells

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