Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Field Music

"Sit Tight"

Smart pop: when the chord changes are clever and the lyrics unusually witty; when the music manages to traverse genre boundaries within milliseconds; when the time signatures seem to have A.D.D. Field Music make smart pop. Hailing from Sunderland, England and sharing Maximo Park’s drummer, Field Music are indie rock’s best kept secret. “Sit Tight” from their second album, Tones of Town, displays the bands musical acrobatics within a well arranged frame. The song jumps from a terse, deliberate drum beat under equally measured guitar lines to a swooping chorus of harmonizing “ahhhs”. Even more unpredictable is the outro, which sounds like a fairy-tale lullaby over vocal percussion. At times, it may seem like the band is too clever for their own good. Then again, maybe the music we’ve been listening to isn’t clever enough.

Download >>Sit Tight

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