Wednesday, March 7, 2007


"Dumb Luck"

It’s been six years since Dntel (a.k.a. Jimmy Tamborello of Postal Service fame) released his aural masterpiece Life Is Full Of Possibilities. It seems like the news of a new album came from nowhere. But now that we’ve got word that he’ll be releasing his first album for Sub Pop, Dumb Luck, on April 24th, forgive us if we reek of eager anticipation. The lead single and title track "Dumb Luck" isn’t going to help either, it’s just going to make us hungrier. The song comes gift wrapped in a shimmering blanket of white noise. Beneath its fuzzy outer-shell lies a pretty simple acoustic ditty, but the way they're layered you’d hardly think twice about it. A wave of distorted electronics flushes the silence, eventually opening up to allow some melancholic guitar strumming. Although the rest of the album features guest vocalist, Jimmy takes the reigns on this one. It sounds like he’s been taking pointers from his friend Jenny Lewis, “You can’t trust your friends, they will betray you with a love that’s blinding/ And then at the end they may admit that you were missing something.” Musically, it’s sweet, blissful noise candy for your ears. Hardly dumb luck.

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