Thursday, March 29, 2007

Arctic Monkeys


So the boys from the U.K. are back with their sophomore album Favourite Worst Nightmare. The album, being their first release since their overnight trip to semi-superstardom, is eagerly anticipates by critics, but not for the reasons you’d think. Most critics are waiting to tear these boys apart in an attempt to de-construct the hype machine they helped build themselves. The second go-round usually finds a popular band on the defense, trying to disprove the “lightning in a bottle” theory. In this case, the Monkeys let the music talk, pounding away on their guitars as if it may shield them from the forthcoming attacks. Alex Turner sounds comfortable though, singing in his usual nonchalant, snotty tone. Apparently, the critics aren’t the only one the Monkeys have to worry about. There’s obviously someone in their very own circle that’s too-cool-for-school, and I’m guessing his name is Brian (“Brian, top marks for not trying/So kind of you to bless us with your effortlessness/We’re grateful and so strangely comforted”). Only time will tell if Favourite Worst Nightmare, or even the Monkeys themselves will outlast the backlash. On the other hand, seeing how they refuse to cooperate with the press (their MySpace headline is “Don’t believe the hype”), they probably wouldn’t care if everyone forgot about them anyway.

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