Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dr. Dog

"My Old Ways"/"The Girl"

I’m going to have a hard time convincing you that these aren’t Beatles b-sides, but for once you’re just going to have to just trust me. Given the sixties/seventies style pop sheen, I guess I can’t blame you, especially with lines like “Some things never change or go away/I wait around and now it’s yesterday.” But before you pull out your flower power paraphernalia, you may want to know that Dr. Dog’s second album We All Belong came out in ‘07. Yeah dude, this year. Most retro style bands are met with immediate skepticism, and usually that skepticism is warranted. Dr. Dog won’t be fully forgiven for its shameless imitation of a classic pop/rock outfit, but if they had been around back then, I’m sure they would have been huge. “My Old Ways” has that familiar Sesame Street style piano with an oddly effective vocal melody. “The Girl” opens with ramshackle percussion before swinging into full ELO mode. Sharp guitars punch through the mix while the song marches into heavy fuzz-box territory. They do the retro thing pretty well. Even if they had been around in the sixties/seventies, we’d probably still be listening to them today.

Download >>My Old Ways

Download >>The Girl

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