Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

"La Costa Brava"

Ted Leo really is a bad ass. Sometimes I forget how refreshing it is to hear a great freakin’ straight ahead rock song, which is really what this power chord, palm-crunch verse chorus verse, balls-out treble-up song is about; refreshing yourself. Sometimes all you need is a vacation on the beach to salvage your love, or, as Mr. Leo and his Pharmacists plead on "La Costa Brava", "Everyone needs a Sunday some days/Everyone needs to take some time away". I nearly crapped my pants when the song started. I’ve just been so used to that lovely gentle string, maybe piano, maybe the Sufjan crooning opening…no. The song starts with blaring, almost frustrated guitars, a riff which returns in the quick chorus, slapping you in the face saying “Wake up Man!” There must be something forcing these (almost) aging indie rock heroes to bring their songs to that six minute breaking point. Unlike Doug Martsch, Ted Leo avoids the endless, seemingly pointless jamming, and continues on with his lyrical story, adding simple melodic guitar riffs over dueling vocals making “La Costa Brava” not only bad-ass and fun, but interesting, listenable, and over before you know it. Ted Leo’s prescribing a nice day on the beach with him today. I suggest you take it. You’ll feel great.

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