Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ola Podrida


Certain songs are made for headphones. Sometimes loudspeakers just aren’t able to communicate the tender, subtle details that inform the calming beauty of songs like “Instead”. When I first got a hold of the song (Ola Podrida have had songs floating around the blogosphere since April of last year mind you), I was immediately struck by its intimate simplicity. The softly sung vocals whisper away any troubles, quietly coaxing you to “Save yourself instead”. It’s soothing, delicately layered pillow-pop tailored for daydreaming. Conversely, “Cindy” finds the band embracing a louder approach. It starts off nicely with a simple guitar and the same intimate vocals, but eventually the band turn up the volume after Cindy turns on a fire. “It was the prettiest thing she though she had ever seen/A thing in which to believe,” from there on the song builds layers of messy guitars until there’s no space left in the mix. As unruly as the music gets, it still somehow manages to be just intimate as “Instead.” You clearly visualize Cindy’s fascination with the fire play out in your mind through the song’s vivid narration. After a year of anticipation, Ola Podrida’s eponymous debut hits the shelves 4/24 in the U.S. I’m going to go ahead and say it was already worth the wait.

Download >>Instead

Download >>Cindy

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