Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm From Barcelona

"We're From Barcelona"

Admit it; you never really wanted to grow up. If you think about it, the only two things that forced you out of adolescence were nature and peer-pressure. If it weren’t for puberty and your elders demanding you to “grow-up”, you would probably happily remain in the ignorant bliss of childhood. I’m From Barcelona’s 29 member collective is led by 30 year old Emanuel Lundgren, and neither he, nor his fellow Barcelonans have yet to embrace the maturity that ruins adulthood. Most of us are conditioned to suppress our childish behavior, but I’m From Barcelona (actually from Sweden) chooses to embrace its youthful giddiness instead. The buzz surrounding the band has already come and gone since the original release of their album Let Me Introduce My Friends in Sweden last year, but now that the U.S. release finally hit stores yesterday (3/20), domestic fans can finally afford to see what the fuss was about without the extra cost of the import. And while I can’t endorse an entire album of its nature, “We’re From Barcelona” definitely has its moments. Lines like “We’ll aim for the stars/We’ll aim for your heart,” might cause some to naturally gag at such silly cheese-ball sentiments, but your heart need not be too soft to give in to the sugar-rush of a chorus. Besides, the song barely runs past the three minute mark. It’ll be over before you know it and you’ll be pressing repeat trying to figure out what you missed. As for the hard-hearted tough guy, let this song be the hug you’ve been secretly wanting all along.

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