Thursday, March 8, 2007

M. Ward

“To Go Home”

I'm thinking of making a new mix CD to sell on TV. It'll be called "Indie Love Anthems (Just to Let Her Know)". They'll be songs that make you drive really fast to your girl's house, bang on her door, scoop her up, and drive even faster towards the sunset. The title track on M. Ward's latest single/EP, To Go Home is one song that'll definitely be featured. Originally written by one Daniel Johnston, this version is an incredibly dynamic recording. The track blends M. Ward's signature dreamy hallway vocals with a bed of synth, topped with strong, clear, love-pounding guitar and piano accompaniment (there's even a sweet-ass drum solo at the bridge). "I'll be true to you, oh you know I will" he declares with guest vocalist Neko Case, and a simple, though passionate chord progression. The song is ultimately annalistic, juxtaposing the sublime with the awful truth; "God it's great to be alive/ Takes the skin right off my hide, to think I'll have to give it all up someday". He yearns for a love that he knows he might sabotage. Coming from Daniel Johnston, this is a tragic thought, but M's delivery and performance of “To Go Home” gives it a sense of passion and frivolity. It gives us a lesson on how to wear a heart on a sleeve properly. We might not get hurt so bad if we know that before it starts, it's probably not going to work out. So why not pound on some pianos and bang on some drums, and say how you feel anyway.

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