Friday, March 30, 2007


"Impossible Germany"

If Wilco weren’t a band full of forty-somethings with families, I’d tell you that Sky Blue Sky is their “grown-up” album. Gone are the band’s experimental ventures into radio noise and feedback. Sky Blue Sky is all summer and sun simplicity. “Impossible Germany” rides in on trio of guitars, each winding out thin, care-free riffs. Jeff Tweedy sings some lovely nonsense: “Impossible Germany, unlikely Japan/Wherever you go, wherever you land”. The song, not unlike the rest of the album, would have fit perfectly with the FM gold from the 70’s. But before they let you get too relaxed, new guitarist Nels Cline decides to show off his chops with a guitar solo before the start-stop riffing of the other guitars drop in to back him up. It’s a lovely, relaxing song-- the stuff Sunday afternoons are made of.

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