Monday, March 26, 2007


"Release" (feat. Justin Timberlake)

Oh Timbo, you tease! Of course you’re pre-album release single “Give It To Me” wet our appetites for the futuristic funk-filled Shock Value, but surely you knew that “Release” was the bona-fide club banger no one would be able to resist. The song wastes no time on theatrics. After a three-seconds of beat boxing, the beat drops and pretty much takes over any control you thought you had over your bodily movement, so move your body must. Rhythmically inclined or not, inhibitions are shed and dancing ensues. It doesn’t hurt that the song’s got JT’s name attached to it, but you’d never know it unless somebody told you. My guess is that Interscope will probably push the grammatically challenged Sexyback/My Love mash-up “What I Are” as the next single, but it would be impossible to keep the stereo-panned cowbell and lock-step groove of “Release” out of the clubs. And as everybody knows by now, when the cowbell knocks….you’re bound to open up.

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the only thing that could make this song better... MORE COWBELL!