Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Past/Masters- Dismemberment Plan

You need to know about The Plan. They only made one of the most treasured albums in the indie-rock canon. When Emergency & I came out in ’99, it was immediately hailed as an underground classic to the few who had discovered it. It was just as accessible as it was original. They eventually went on to tour with Death Cab for Cutie and were even invited to open for Pearl Jam in Europe. The following album, Change, was released in 2001 to mediocre reviews. To their fans dismay, the band announced their break-up in January of 2003. So you can imagine the tears of joy when The Plan announced that they’d be reuniting for a benefit show in D.C., which basically gave me an excuse to post these songs. The show sold out in minutes.

The Dismemberment Plan made art-rock. They pushed the boundaries of the music, but kept it all familiar enough for modern-rock radio. Of course, they never got any airplay, but don’t be surprised if find yourself wondering if you’ve heard them before. The answer is no, you haven’t, but yes, you should have. “What Do You Want Me To Say” has radio written all over it. The bassline wonders in and out of key, while the guitar remains constant on the down-stroke. It’s a little disconcerting at first, but once you hit the soaring chorus it feels like familiar territory. “You Are Invited” opens with an empty, electronic drum track while Travis narrates a tale of acceptance and individuality. The lyrics are simple, just like the music, but the impact is huge. If its weight is measured in earnestness, then the message will be felt. Emergency & I is filled with countless moments like these. The D-Plan was unlike any other band. There was an infectious energy in the music and a youthful sense of awareness in the lyrics. In the words of my bitter elders: They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Download >>You Are Invited

Download >>What Do You Want Me To Say

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