Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kings Of Leon


Say what you want, I don’t care. I’m not embarrassed anymore. Well…I am. But the truth is, had this been 1995, Kings of Leon’s "Ragoo" from their forthcoming third album Because of the Times would have been the most amazing song this overly passionate teenager ever heard (that week). Not only that, but I’d stay up all day and night until I was able to hit ‘record’ on my radio’s tape deck. I’d obsess over the intensely catchy reverb laden guitar riff and fake death every time it was played. I’d contemplate whether or not to learn it on the guitar because I just might “ruin it” for myself. I’d sing the chorus while playing air guitar so embarrassingly loud my neighbors would complain. One of the only ways I can describe this song is to see if you could slough off the last 11 years and regress into a much simpler time. A time when you had only heard those 8 or 9 songs from the 90’s just a couple of times and were still filled with endorphins when they hit the radio. I’m able to say this with confidence because "Ragoo" isn’t simply a 90’s throw back. The song retains some very current independent rhythms, chops, and the insatiable southern groove that KOL have been able to invent and master on Because of the Times. At the same time, they rock out in a way that hasn’t been felt since Matchbox Twenty ruined everything.

On "Fans" we break out the whiskey and head out to the porch. Caleb Followill’s signature squawk accompanies a Zeppelinesque acoustic guitar while we relax in the rocking chairs. If you find yourself moving towards the BBQ, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Groove master Jared Followill has picked you up with his magnificent bass groove. Two minutes into the song, you’ll be shouting along with rest of the band in perfect time like there’s nothing to worry about.

This band has a knack for inventing hooks that could save your life. Behind the superficiality of their image, there’s something deep, and dark, and smooth behind their music. Something that is ultimately true and from a place that’s as thick as I imagine their native Tennessee to be. So do yourself a favor, when you play these songs get your tape deck out, stick it up to your laptop, and press record. See if they’re as good as you remember.

Download >>Ragoo

Download >>Fans

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