Thursday, March 29, 2007

Digitalull: Your Weekly Electronic Fix

The Field- From Here We Go Sublime

Axel Willner has been releasing vinyl singles for a couple years now on Kompakt (yes we love this label, we do) and thank god, he has finally done everyone a massive favor and made a big ole' pleasure palace of an album. Here are two standout tracks for your soon to be gooey ears to behold. Oh, and the rest of the tacks on the album rip just as much as these, so do yourself a favor and get it....soon.

"The Deal" starts up with some thump your ass bass and a little sprinkler system hi-hat dashed in just to make sure your hips are shaking. An angel parts the clouds to remind you, yes you are listening to heaven. What is she saying? This somehow doesn't matter because the feeling is the goal here and by now bliss has already set in. Oh , there's more. Stuttering air pockets rush by the soothing synth lines and the angel, she just keeps on going like the energizer bunny. Minimal-tech never felt this good, and even with the repetitive 10 minutes that ensues, it never gets boring. Set in the latter half of From Here We Go Sublime, it seems perfect on its own or as a genuine pace setter for the album as a whole. Enjoy greatly.

Download >>The Deal

"Little Heart Beats So Fast", track number four off of said album, serves as the blatant sex anthem. Following the semi-melancholy "Good Things End", this is a good rebound song. Guttural heaves of affirmation start us off on the way to ecstasy along with a very playful melody that begins feminine, which entwines with and eventually ends in masculine deep pulses. The foreplay tails off and, well, I think you can see where this ends up. Warm fluttery waves blow the hair back just gently behind the ear and come to the crossroads of some hard pounding deep house beats. The two mesh together into the very rhythmic vibration that we shall call the musical "O" face. A male voice overcomes the female with his reply of, who-knows-what-word-he-keeps saying in assurance that he too is having the time of his life. Fortunately this lasts longer than a minute (5:25 to be exact) and this is the exact opposite of that one night stand you deeply regret for the rest of your life.

Download >>The Little Heart Beats So Fast

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