Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Benoît Pioulard


Pioulard’s new 7 inch release, Fir, reminds me of that one rainy day when a light came down from the heavens and told me that music was meant for rainy days when a light comes down from the heavens. Something about Ben’s voice tells me it’s ok to be a little passive sometimes. His lyrics suggest that the power of observation is largely underrated, and should be. Drowsy, yet still strangely uplifting, the new track blends the same acoustic guitar, dream-like synth and lazy vocals that made his past work on Précis so enticing, but adds some new elements. This track progresses into a resounding bass drum, a hammered dulcimer and hand claps that seem to encourage the other more exotic percussion instruments out of hiding. There is something satisfyingly Eastern about this track. Call it Crouching Tiger, Hidden Pioulard… or just call it good. At the very least it’s a great taste of what is to come from this deceptively versatile artist.

Download >>Fir

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