Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Magic Numbers

"This Is A Song"

It starts off beautifully; xylophone and old-time radio style piano trapped in twilight with waves of backwards guitar. It’s sooooo romantic (insert finger in mouth and gag…….here). Yeah, for the first minute, it sounds like one of those songs where star-crossed lovers sit side by side staring into the infinite night sky, right before the Jetta logo pops up. But seriously, The Magic Numbers could make fertilizer sound romantic. Most of the subject matter ranges from broken hearts to breaking hearts, but there’s always a doe-eyed sense of innocence and hopeless romantic idealism. The second single “This Is A Song” from the bands sophomore album Those The Blokes is another link in a long chain of love-gone-bad songs, but leaves the woe-is-me to a minimum. The song also finds them relying less on their Mamma’s and the Papa’s influenced harmonies and more on a tight song structure and driving backbeat. The harmonies are still there, but they support more than show off. The lyrics are typical M.O.R.; “I've been falling apart/Broke every rule from the start” and “Maybe it’s over but over is not a word that you know”, but overall, it’s sad, catchy, and easy to love.

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