Monday, March 12, 2007

Gui Boratto

"Beautiful Life"

There are some songs that get you pumped up just from the first 10 seconds. This isn't one of them, "Beautiful Life" takes about 45 seconds. Off of Chromophobia by Gui Boratto, the Brazillian composer winds off his very distinguishable Kompakt release with some sweet nostalgia; making you think back to the first time you went joyriding at night, saw Hi-Def for the first time, or had your puppy fall asleep in your arms (think Vitalic mixing an M83 track ). Hardcore music cynics might say the heavy synth is ultra cheese, but with dreamy female vocals nonchalantly repeating the title of the track with some cymbal and left-right rhythm mixed in for good measure, this can be your dose of anti-depressant for the day. The middle brings in a passive aggressive build up and swings back the chorus with louder bass, flooding your inner ear with bliss. The end brings you to Gui's cruise control where he takes his hands off the wheel and lets you settle in, ready to press the back button and wonder why eight minutes went by so fast. It's a rare song that is perfect for both kinds of people who love the sunset and sunrise........or if you're just really drunk and only have a pillow to hug.

Download >>Beautiful Life

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