Thursday, May 3, 2007

Architecture in Helsinki

"Heart It Races"

The music of Architecture in Helsinki always seems to be on the brink of musical chaos; twee vocals that try to sound tough, arrangements that combine tubas, recorders, trombones, and bouncy analog synthesizers. Their new single “Heart it Races” from their upcoming album Places Like This pushes the barely in-control aesthetic even closer to the brink of chaos, though somehow the band gathers enough gravitas and sweet ass rhythms to keep you groovy. The word “tougher” comes to mind when I hear “Heart it Races”. Maybe it’s the lower than usual vocal “baum, baum-bu-dum-bu-dum” accompaniment, that sets the song running into a calypso type rhythm filled with steel drums and everything. If the single is any indication of how Places Like This will turn out, Architecture in Helsinki have definitely stepped up not only the presence of the vocals, but the way in which they use their voices as yet another instrument in their arsenal. “Heart it Races” is significantly less straight ahead as some older songs like, “Maybe You Can Owe Me”, “It’s Five”, or even “Do The Whirlwind”. While I very much enjoy the diversity and maybe even maturity that “Heart it Races” has presented, I’m cautious to say it’s a step in the right direction. Too much of these clever musical juxtapositions could send you into a dizzy dry heave.

Download >>Heart It Races

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