Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bonde do Role

"Solta O Frango"/"Geremia"

I wasn’t going to any Brazilian clubs in high school, but it was at that time that I developed an affinity for the freakishly happy jungle music that had me shakin’ what my mama told me not to. This track, "Solta O Frango" (or "Release the Chicken"), by Bonde do Role shows me that the Brazilian club scene hasn’t changed too much. I’m sorry- did she say Release the Chicken? YES. I did. The title of the song is silly the same way the song is: pounding George of the Jungle drums mixed with a squeaky female voice alternating with feigned classic hip-hop beats and a crowd-mentality chorus that urges everyone to “release their chicken”. The fact that it’s a self-contained party is what’s so appealing about this style of music. With effects that our beloved Timbaland may not be brave enough to use, this song is a collage of funky and funny that needs to be listened to, if not enjoyed THOROUGHLY.

Later on in their album, BDR ventures out into new territory. “Geremia” is a song that sets this group on a different level, mainly due to its lack of bass. Blasphemous as it sounds, these Brazilians have managed to create an infectious dance hit that doesn’t really need more than a muted drum line hook in the background that keeps the song hopping along. Heaven forbid I fail to mention the kazoo chorus that sets up the entire theme for the song. The only thing about this track that takes some getting used to is the pubescent male voice that drones on verse after verse. Typical of (dare I say it) Baile Funk music, teenagers are often given creative reign over vocals and lyrics. The result is a lot of inside jokes and colloquialisms that no one really gets (anyone releasing their chicken, yet?) Still, no one really seems to care. The songs are just too funky to let a little thing like verbiage get in the way.

Conclusion? Bonde do Role is not revolutionizing Brazilian music at all, but is continuing a healthy Brazilian tradition: shake that booty if you’re gorgeous. Heck, shake it if you’re ugly! Just shake it! Thus concludes our cross-culture lesson for today.

Download >>Solta O Frango

Download >>Geremia

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