Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Patrick Watson


I don't know how last years Closer To Paradise managed to slip through the cracks, but it did. I'm not going to try to convince you it's some sort of underrated album of the year (it's not), but I definitely felt it was worthy of some attention. Maybe people just got sick of Canadians. Who knows. All I remember is hearing it and being caught up in its sweeping arrangements and dramatic orchestration-- both of which I'm a sucker for too. From the rolling piano line of "Drifters" to the fairytale-gone-wrong electronics of "Daydreamer," every song is laced with cinematically themed music, which happens to have vocals on it. This doesn't mean Watson's voice is dismissive (he sort of resembles Jeff Buckly in his softer moments), just that the music draws you in more with its engaging arrangements. "Drifters" is actually more driving than the title suggest, with an ever building crescendo. The only thing that really "drifts" is Watson's melody. "Daydreamer" shuffles between skittering beats and banjo plucks showcasing the albums diverse sonic pallet. As of now, Patrick Watson is Canada's best kept secret.

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