Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Go Find


Laptop pop is a tricky thing. Anyone with a Mac and GarageBand can make a track these days. Luckily, there are still artist that can make art from readily available technology. Dieter Sermeus, a.k.a. The Go Find, make hushed electronic pop. He just recently released Stars On The Wall on Morr Music. “Adrenaline” is the sound of patience in musical form. It starts off with a cheesy drum beat and some drowsy keyboards. Its sleepy tempo momentarily doubles its speed, adding layers of wavering synths and subtle noises. As the song progresses, it becomes buried deeper and deeper in a bed of noise, with each sound essentially washing each other out. It may sound plain or boring on any given day. But at the right moment, when everything seems to be moving too fast around you, “Adrenaline” contradicts its namesake and delivers the dose of downtempo goodness you’ve been needing.

Download >>Adrenaline

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