Friday, May 18, 2007



Within the maze of the glitched out- post techno- folktronic- cut-n-pasteology world that is Cornelius exists a little piece of serenity named “Sensuous.” While the lead off/title track of his recent U.S. release may inspiring yawning from most, especially among fans, it somehow manages to keep my attention more than anything else on the album. It’s spacious and well measured, with guitar plucks chopped and panned across the mix. It’s one of those rare tracks where you enjoy the silence in between just as much as the sounds themselves. The details are much clearer, and the small changes in texture seem large within the context of its atmosphere (i.e. the guitar noises that burst like mini-explosions inside an echo chamber). I’ve always had an affinity for music that seems destined for film. Just like film, every moment in life has the potential to be scored, and I always find myself collecting songs in anticipation for a certain moment. This one will be filed under “Considerably long moments of contemplation.”

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