Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cats on Fire

"I Am The White-Mantled King"/"Born Again Christian"

So I really like these guys. They’re called Cats on Fire. Maybe it’s because they’re from Finland and I’m contractually obligated to jizz myself over every band from Scandinavia. Maybe it’s because they do fun things like adding some funky spoken word stuff a la “Dirty Dream Number Two”. Or maybe it’s because, well…call me crazy, singer Mattias Björkas sounds EXACTLY LIKE MORRISSEY! Now before Belle and Sebastian were compared to the likes of T.Rex, they were constantly and sometimes obtusely compared to The Smiths, though Stuart Murdoch never has sounded like Morrissey. Also, no one, as far as I can tell, has been able to successfully conjure both The Smiths and earlier Belle and Sebastian without losing the bands individuality. Once you get past the Moz comparisons, word phrasing and everything, you realize that Cats on Fire are really a great indie pop band. “Born Again Christian”, from their album The Province Complains, fulfills this year’s quota for “super easy fun pop song that my friends will make fun of me for.” I’d like to think that it’s the songs popping guitars, it’s simple beat, and Björkas’ sleepy bravado that get me, but I’d be lying. It’s the Moz and Finland. The Moz. And Finland.

p.s. Check out "I Am The White-Mantled King" from the same album. It’s pretty sweet too.

Download >>I Am The White-Mantled King

Download >>Born Again Christian

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