Monday, May 14, 2007


"Mon Amour"/"Så Blev Det Bestämt"

I was never able to fully appreciate Ta Det Lungt, Dungen’s last effort. Maybe it was all the hype that came before the album was even readily available in the states. Maybe it’s because I had already worn out all my Jimi Hendrix records. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. Eventually, I was able to appreciate the album for its skillful arrangements and guitar work, considering it all could be attributed to one man. Gustav Estjes, Dungen’s principle songwriter/arranger/six-string guru, has chops comparable to the aforementioned legend. After accepting the bands obvious obsession with classic rock and all things progressive, I had a much easier time getting acquainted with their latest album Tio Bitar. I’m still blown away by how many instruments Estjes’ has mastered and how well he’s able to piece them together recording most of the parts on his own. “Mon Amour” is a stomping psych-rock rollercoaster that starts on the “groove” setting and ends on “acidtripfreakout.” Starting on a lighter note, “Så Blev Det Bestämt” is a breezy finger picking ballad that gives way to a two minute sitar solo. It’s enough to have you reaching for your hookah. It might also be the only time you refer to something as "heavy" and actually mean it.

Download >>Mon Amour

Download >>Så Blev Det Bestämt

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