Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Black Moth Super Rainbow

"Sun Lips"

When people start tossing out terms like ‘Psychedelic,’ it usually means something in the music has that swirling flange effect or that it sounds ‘colorful.’ Hardly do you ever come across the type of Psychedelicness that actually makes you feel like you’re on drugs instead of wanting to be on them. But I’ll be damned if Black Moth Super Rainbow aren’t the type of Psychedelic that makes “Lucy In The Sky…” sound like “Bye Bye Bye.” The first half of Dandelion Gum seems to wonder in and out of focus, but by the time we hit “Sun Lips” it finds it footing. You can easily imagine yourself floating in a field of daisies with its sleepy, flute like synthesizers and tweaked out robotic vocals. And while its effect is dangerously potent, it’s also a little scary to imagine a band this committed to the material. But pysch-nerdness aside, “Sun Lips” is easily the best trip you’ll find without indulging in illicit substances. Just be sure not to operate heavy machinery.

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