Friday, May 25, 2007


"The People"

Oh Common, must you be plagued to live the rest of your career trying to break out of hip-hop limbo? For years now you’ve been straddling the line between underground and commercial success. What’s wrong with the underground anyway? Isn’t that where the people live? Common declares “We do it for the people,” but complains about the Grammy’s doing him wrong in the same breath. Of course, this is all easily forgiven since Common always delivers on the lyrics. On this track, Kanye (apparently the new DJ Premier?) abandons the mainstream production and opts for the underground friendly technique. This could be the sign of Common returning to his “roots,” or just a throwback track for nostalgia’s sake. Whichever way the road takes him, whether commercial success or underground hero, he deserves it. “I’m keeping my eyes on the people, that’s the prize.” I hope he’s telling the truth.

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