Monday, May 7, 2007



Chris Adams is back again, but this time in the form of Bracken, his latest side project. After several albums with his primary outfit Hood, Adams recently released We Know About The Need on the alternative rap label Anticon. What seems like an odd pairing on paper actually works in reality, even though Bracken would never be filed in the rap section. Maybe Brit-Hop? “Heathens” starts in some dark echo chamber. After its twisted introduction, a clattering hip hop drum beat and chopped vocals flood the mix. Adams has always displayed an affection of hip hop style sampling, which was apparent with Hood. So you can pretty much expect the same thing from We Know About The Need. “Heathens” warrants some comparisons to Beta Band, or maybe even a chilled out Hot Chip. Basically, it’s downtempo with a backbeat. And in this case, that’s actually not a bad thing.


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