Monday, May 28, 2007


"Don't Make Me A Target"/"The Ghost Of You Lingers"

How do you introduce new Spoon material? Does it really matter if Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga isn’t any different from any other Spoon release? Of course not. People want their Spoon, and they want it however they can get it. “Don’t Make Me A Target” is the opener for the aforementioned album, and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the boys; descending muted chord progressions, one-handed piano lines and spiky guitar parts. However, “The Ghost Of You Lingers,” which made its way to the net before the full album had leaked, had everyone fooled. To be honest, regardless of whether I liked the track or not, I was willing to take the journey. I was genuinely interested in the bands new direction. Would the whole album be a Steve Reich inspired piece of minimalism like this song? Would Britt have recorded everything in a bare-bones fashion? Would he really shun the trademark Spoon sound for something a little more avant-garde? Well, apparently not. “The Ghost Of You Lingers” isn’t pushing any musical boundaries, but it definitely drew a line in the sand. Would the hardcore Spoon fans be willing to go along for the ride? Would any skeptics be converted to believers? Who knows. As far as the album goes, it could hold its own separate from the knowledge of any prior albums. But you can’t help but feel like they’ve got something more in them.

Download >>Don't Make Me A Target

Download >>The Ghost Of You Lingers

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