Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Little Ones

"There's A Pot A Brewin"

Some of you may not agree, but I feel as though “There’s A Pot A Brewin” presents The Little Ones as a much more evolved, mature, and musically endowed band. It’s something that I had really hoped for since verging on a burn out of their EP. They really have a knack for getting you to move in your seat no matter how you are feeling. The cha-cha time and purely rhythmic break down is really refreshing. The band seems to have broken a tried and true formula and found a new type of “happy” upon which we can all celebrate-- Corona’s and all. The catchy-ness of this song, which can be found on their “Lovers Who Uncover” single, will not be sloughed off as the saccharine sweetness some of their older songs have a tendency to do. The Little Ones combine both current and classic pop elements in “There’s A Pot A Brewin.” The shuffle rhythms (as Devon has described them) are brought way up front and made the center of the song, leaving the kitschy guitar solos behind. Add some Jackson 5 bass lines and chimes and you’ve got yourself one hell of a party.

Download >>There's A Pot A Brewin

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