Monday, May 28, 2007

Simian Mobile Disco

"It's The Beat"/"Tits & Acid"

After becoming kings in the remix game, Simian Mobile Disco decide to step it up with a full length release of original material (not counting their work as Simian). Now, if your thought process is anything like mine, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. But wait, what if I told you Attack Decay Sustain Release (due in the U.K. 6/18) was the hottest album of its kind so far, right behind Justice’s full length? It’s ridiculously addictive, and on par or better than their best remix work. You could pretty much play pin the tail on the donkey with the tracklist and have a 90% chance of scoring a winner. Check out the slow-burning Vitalic techno of opener “Sleep Deprivation,” or the hyperactive acid house of “Tits & Acid.” Better yet, get a whiff of the lead single, the techno-funk anthem “It’s The Beat” featuring The Go! Team’s in-house rapper, Ninja. It doesn’t take a mathematician to solve this equation: Hot tracks + Simple lyrics=Non-stop party. So if you ever get tired of hearing about the apocalypse, SMD’s got you covered. They’ve pretty much establish their priorities upfront: it’s the beat.

Download >>It's The Beat

Download >>Tits & Acid

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