Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Kelley Polar


Retro future-funk. There’s nothing redundant about it. All you need one listen to Kelly Polar’s last album Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens to become a believer. Mixing electro beats with Philly soul string arrangements, Kelly Polar creates irresistible dance floor anthems. With one foot in disco and the other tangled up in electronics, you end up with the sort of space-station futurisms you hear on “Rosenband.” Harmonies don’t hurt either, and Polar’s got plenty. And while they work a more subtle angle here than they had on Love Songs, they're no less effective. They still add a layer of soulful flavor. I would have expected the title track from the Chrysanthemum EP to be the stand out, but “Rosenband” beat it out by a long run. Hopefully all the songs on the next album will aim for the same.

Download >>Rosenband

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