Friday, May 18, 2007


"The Illness"

Will we ever get sick of that cowbell? From the moment the drummer launched into that driving cymbal/tom shuffle, persistently knocking on said cowbell, I knew I was going to have to give in. “The Illness,” from their EP of the same name (due 7/5), is the sort of dramatic song you’d associate with post-punk Britain, and if you’d done so, you’d be exactly right. But no matter who GoodBooks owe their debts to, the song is pretty killer in its own right. From the scraps of buzzed-out guitars to the huge hook practically begging to be echoed by overzealous teenaged concertgoers, “The Illness” has crossover success written all it. Although it’s not quite clear whether they’d be crossing over from indie to mainstream or from England to America, I’m certain that one of the two are inevitable. I’ll have to give the drummer the majority of credit for peaking my interest with his percussive skills, but the rest of the band definitely gets props for fleshing the whole thing out. I’ll avoid the obvious band comparisons. Let’s just assume that GoodBooks will be big.

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