Monday, June 11, 2007

Calvin Harris

"Disco Heat"/"Acceptable In The 80's"

Newsflash: Scottish born Calvin Harris joins the never-ending lineage of techno-funk producers. Using an archaic Amiga computer and other ancient equipment, nearly every song on Harris’ debut album I Created Disco (due 6/18 in the U.K.) was created with the dancefloor in mind. Whatever you do, pay no attention to Harris’ lyrics. I would also tell you to pay no attention to the album title, but it’s actually fairly accurate. No, he didn’t create disco, but the title immediately becomes attractive to those attracted to dance music. Basically, it’s smart marketing. And although Harris didn’t create disco, he did create “Disco Heat,” and that’s good enough for me. Don’t let the hipster guitar riffs in the intro fool you, on the other side awaits an electro-house dance party. Calvin keeps it light on the lyrics and lean on the production, using a classic super-fat bassline and echoing synth stabs. “Acceptable In The 80’s” was practically engineered to be the next Reagan-baby anthem (or whoever was the ruling party in Scotland at the time). But whatever it is that was acceptable in the 80's remains a mystery. So yeah, it’s basically another one of those “Don’t think, just dance” type albums. Fair enough.

Download >>Disco Heat

Download >>Acceptable In The 80's

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Anonymous said...

Luv Calvin <3
All his songs are amazing!
And hes gorgeous and from Scotland :)
The perfect man :P