Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sweater Weather

"The Pains Of Relocation"

An orchestra set to slightly deeper blue, a title that suits North Carolina’s folk rockers, Sweater Weather. A multi-member, instrument collective, that takes cues from The Shins, Sufjan Stevens and Damien Rice. Their latest track, “The Pains of Relocation,” recounts a tale of childhood through the eyes of singer and songwriter Casey Trela. Trela scores a soundtrack that captures the tone and emotion of a Wes Anderson film. The band makes great use of multiple instruments, which includes guitars, cellos, drums, accordions and even a glockenspiel to create a deep, slightly depressing resonance. When Trela’s bitter sweet lyrics are thrown into the mix, fans of Conor Oberst might ask him to lighten-up a bit. Sweater Weather reminds me a lot of another gloomy singer/ songwriter, Nick Drake. Whose dark and disheartening tunes set the pace for artists like Trela and Oberst. Much like Drake, Sweater Weather’s music brings to mind that even on the most sobering, dismal days, there still lays beauty underneath it all.

Download >>The Pains Of Relocation

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