Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Scissors For Lefty

"Lay Down Your Weapons"

Get your dancing shoes out, Scissors For Lefty’s newest album Underhanded Romance will be hitting shelves June 12th and it’s bringing a solid lineup of that indie dance pop we all can’t help but love. The quintet from San Francisco bring us an album that’s full of quirky synths mixed with some killer dance beats, eccentric vocals which sometimes have a Franz Ferdinandish style to them, and all pulled together by some well placed guitar riffs. The instantly catchy “Lay Down Your Weapons” is no exception to this combination for success. It will have you up and moving before you know what hit you. It opens with a steady beat that will get you started, vocals that will keep you going and some idiosyncratic synths/ guitar that make it all work. So who’s ready for a dance off?

Download >>Lay Down Your Weapons

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