Tuesday, June 26, 2007


"I Sing I Swim"/"Hospital Bed"

Some of your first musical encounters with Iceland probably came in the form of a pixie named Björk, or if you’re really cool (or just pretending), possibly the Sugarcubes. If not, then surely the icy sounds of Sigur Rós introduced you to the contrasting sounds of a not-so-icy Iceland. As most of us may have already learned by now, the land is more lush and alive than its name lets on, but a majority of the music seems to perpetuate the same conflicting image. Seabear seems to be conscious of this. “It’s not cold in Seabearia!” claims their myspace headline. Their latest, The Ghost That Carried Us Away, is ripe with soft, subtle chamber-folk gems like “Hospital Bed.” The song weaves a choir of “La La’s” into a gentle lullaby, with Sindri Sigfoessen singing softly over plucked strings. After the lullaby comes dreamy guitars, piano, and circular melodies. “I Sing I Swim” offers more of the same gentleness, with rolling piano and shimmering noises, sounding a lot like the U.K.’s Boy Least Likely To. The warm fiddle driven folk-pop of Seabear is pretty refreshing when compared to the glacial soundscapes of their countrymen. Seabearia may have been a great place to visit if it ever actually existed.

Download >>I Sing I Swim

Download >>Hospital Bed

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