Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Minus The Bear


“Knights” instantly stood out to me the first time I listened to Minus The Bears latest album Planet of Ice. Some quirky synth starts you off into a track that has vocals and guitar that begin with a certain sweetness to them, but that changes almost instantly. That sweetness is replaced by some more aggressive guitar and drums, as well as vocals that are continually building in emotion. This is all broken up intermittently with some carefree guitar riffs. All of this is slowly building into a crescendo that reaches its peak and then is gently brought back down, the tempo gradually slows, and the vocals are more drawn out as “Knights” comes to its close. Planet of Ice is definitely a must have, containing all the elements that previously made Minus The Bear worth a look, but goes beyond that with more complex orchestrations that make for a solid lineup. Planet of Ice will be released August 21st.

Download >>Knights

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