Friday, June 29, 2007

Minus Story


Pardon me for not describing Minus Story as a psychadelic, low-fi, cutting edge indie band. This is a band that falls in between the cracks of all those categories. If I must, I will describe this band as orchestral. This song, "Aaron", off the new album My Ion Truss is a perfect example of how a band can take rock music to an orchestral level. You see, contrary to popular belief, being innovative is more than merely adding strings and brass to make up for whatever depth is lacking in your music. Being innovative is skipping the thick violin sections and replacing them with raw, pulsating electric guitar. Being innovative is cutting out the timpani and plugging in a rolling percussive hook that gains momentum and then drops off into a saxophone solo that defies the vocalist and starts a virtual musical standoff until the vocals drop back in at the end to put a provocative stamp on the whole thing. Provocative meaning it provokes you to question, "What the hell was that?" I'll tell you what it was: it was the sound of another band breaking the sound barriers of categorization with pure skill and integrity. It was the sound of a good band.

Download >>Aaron


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