Friday, June 15, 2007

Jake Newton

"Just Showing Off"

Singer/Songwriters make you sick don’t they? They always seem to boo-hoo all over your parade when you’re trying to have a party. You probably shudder at the sound of an open-chord strum. While there have been plenty half-assed artist that give any acoustic six-stringer a bad name, we sometimes overlook those that actually put feeling into their music. Some may wear their heart on their sleeve for fashions sake, but Jake Newton’s seems to know no other place to be. The music drips with honesty and emotion sung in the language of personal experience-- a language that is very hard to fake. “Just Showing Off” accuses and accepts blame in the same breathe. Lines like “Here’s where it meets in the tangling of sheets/Where the histories been repeated over and over again” admit the guilty act of dual-consent. It may sound like sappy stuff, especially if you’ve built a defense mechanism against anything remotely emotional or sincere, but you may also discover how nice it can be when you let your heart live outside your chest every now and then.

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Ryan said...

I really dig this guy. Looks like he's playing Hotel Cafe in a couple weeks, which I'll definitely head out to. Once again, thanks for the recommendation.