Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Iron & Wine

"Boy With A Coin"

Don’t be fooled by Sam Bean’s consistent, hushed delivery. Although unassuming, and sung with a breathy whisper, his vocals often carry a weighty sense of purpose. Lyrics like “A girl with a bird she found in the snow/Then flew up her gown and that’s how she knows/If god made her eyes for crying at birth/Then left the ground to circle the earth” ring just as poetic when sung in his mild mannered tone. With every release, he also manages to expand his sound using the most subtle touches. “Boy With A Coin,” the first single from Shepard’s Dog (due 9/25) adds backwards guitar, African hand-drums, and handclaps to his growing repertoire. Religion often occupies a large part of Bean’s lyrical content, but is presented more as mythological stories rather than preachy anecdotes. Among the swarm of over-hyped and eagerly anticipated albums, Shepard’s Dog can be seen as something more reliable, not easily swayed by the flimsy doctrines that dictate indie viability. It’s a good album, with nothing more or less to be expected.

Download >>Boy With A Coin (link removed by request)


Ryan said...

Dear Lord Devon, this is one happy Tuesday. I've been wondering if I&W has been working on another album, and this is good news. And a good song.

AND Pinback?! Once again, thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Can you please put the link back up?

maegan said...

Wow, I'm really pretty pumped about this new album - love (surprisingly) the electric additions and slightly more... contemporary feel. Never thought I'd say that... honestly, I love the old-folk-front-porch feel of Sam's music, don't know how he managed this, but it's awesome.

Has anyone figured out all the lyrics? I'd love to have them written down!!!