Thursday, June 21, 2007


"Night Train To Paris"

I can’t help but to think in images with this song. With a name like “Night Train to Paris” I have to wonder which came first, the title or the music. Certainly the sound-scapes and rhythms pulsing throughout this Deadbeat (a.k.a. Scott Montieth) composition accompany the thoughts and mental scenes conjured by such a noir title. Perhaps it’s the sounds themselves conducting the images on this ride. Dark muffled electronic pumps and a combustion of hot syncopated percussion, manage to stay bound together by a dub groove that stays just below the surface, never getting too excited but rather staying controlled and studied. I am particularly moved when the bass groove kicks in about half way through. Its subtlety is not lost in the dub mix but rather excites the images and possibilities summoned by this gem. I’m not sure that we make it all the way to Paris on this ride. It’s over before we know it, and it left us standing in the tracks.

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